Lil Brat Apes

First it was the bored apes, then the apewives, and then some small baby apes.. did they forget about the big sister?

What is Lil Brat Apes?

An NFT collection of 10,000 girl Apes living on the Ethereum blockchain.

Each Ape is unique and generated by code from 130+ handmade traits. All traits have been made by the creator Flex using an iPad and an Apple pencil. Some of the traits have been highly inspired by other ape collections, but we’re not in any way affiliated with any other project.


Exclusive giveaways

Once we’re 50% sold out, we’ll start having exclusive giveaways just for LBA holders. This will most definitely be Ether, but might change to something else in the future if the community wants to. Hosting these giveaways gives people a bigger reason to be a part of the community, as there is always something to look forward to each month.

Private discord chat

A discord chat will be opened to LBA holders. What are they talking about in there? Maybe a bunch of secrets about the project that haven’t been announced yet? Who knows. The chat is hidden from the public, and the only way to join is by owning one or more LBA. Holders will also be able to vote in discord to help with decisions.


To get more people involved with the community, we will collab with other NFT projects. More people will know about the project, which potentially will create new LBA holders. This makes everything more fun, as the main part about NFT projects is to have an awesome community that continues to grow and where people can enjoy their time and have a good chat with others.

This is just the beginning

This is just the beginning of the project. The first ever roadmap. We don’t want to promise things that we can’t keep. All we know is that we want to create an awesome project, and will do our best to grow the community and build something cool. We hope you guys are excited for the launch of Lil Brat Apes!

Donating to charity

We will also be donating some of the ETH to charities. For now we have planned to donate to savethechildren, but will also have some other charities that the community get to decide which ones to donate to. When you’re buying a Lil Brat Ape, you’re also doing it for a greater cause.


What is the mint price?

0.04 ETH + Gas fees!

Will there be a whitelist?

No whitelist. All minting will be public and available for everyone.

When can I mint?

Minting postponed, join discord to know when it’s time!

How can I help the project?

Just getting involved on social media is more than enough. Tagging friends and inviting people to the discord server helps out a lot!